7 Important Tips to Get Canada PR Visa Easily

7 Important Tips to Get Canada PR Visa Easily
Every year, tens of thousands of aspiring immigrants lodge their application for permanent residence in Canada with high hopes. But, unfortunately a lot of them get their applications refused due to minor reasons that can be easily avoidable. While, a few wait for a lifetime for approval. Thus, we have came up with a 7 important tips toget quick Canada permanent residence approvals.

1. Lodge Express Entry Application as soon as Possible

Express Entry program invite skilled workers to apply for Canada PR and processes the application in shortest possible time, i.e. 4-6 months.

If you want to move to Canada permanently as a skilled immigrant, then the first step is to submit an Express Entry profile in the pool of candidates.

Thus, it is always advisable that as soon as you become eligible, you must submit a profile at the earliest and improve your chances of receiving an invitation to apply.

2. Prepare for IELTS Exam

Your language score is an important factor in determining your application approval rate.

Higher the IELTS score, brighter are your chances of getting more CRS scores and quick approval.

Thus, you should always prepare for IELTS before attempting the examination.

For this, you may take up classroom or online IELTS coaching and get access to right preparation material and resources.

3. Search for a Job when Visa is in Process

If you are applying as skilled worker through Express Entry's Federal Skilled Worker Program, then you don't need to have a prior job offer in hand to qualify.

But having job offer can surely give you added points. You can also search for a job when your visa is in process and can gain points for the same.

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4. Apply as a Provincial Nominee

You can impeccably speed up your immigration application as a provincial nominee.

If you apply under Express Entry aligned PNP stream, you'll get 600 points for your provincial nomination, which are added to your overall CRS score.

Such a high score as a whole would virtually guarantee you of receiving an ITA in upcoming Express Entry draw.

5. Seek Expert Guidance

Another useful tip we would like to give to an aspiring immigrant is to hire an ICCRC registered immigration advisor.

An advisor would give you an accurate and honest information as well as guide you through the Canada immigration process as per the IRCC's immigration rules and procedures.

They can help you in free profile evaluation and accordingly choose the right PR immigration pathway.

6. Gather Documents well in Advance

To avoid any unnecessary delay in processing, we always advise applicants to gather the supporting documents well in advance to be submitted at different stages.

7. Avoid Misinterpretation

A case of misrepresentation originating from your end like, omitting important information from your form or intentionally providing false information is a serious crime.

In order to avoid any unwanted delay or application rejection, it is always advisable to keep things accurate and authentic.

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We hope you found the tips useful and these elements can help you prepare a great case file. It's a comprehensive set of factors, which decides whether your application will get processed further or not. Thus, to understand the process and implement it properly is the key to open doors to a successful visa approval. With visa approval, you'll get a right to live permanently anywhere in Canada and work under any employer, you'll get access to most of the social benefits like a Canadian citizens, including health care coverage, subsidized education, and protection under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. So, if you are aiming for Canada immigration in 2020, then take a free profile assessment onlineand choose a right PR program.