Canada or Australia: Which Country is Best to Study?

Canada or Australia: Which Country is Best to Study?
An opportunity to study overseas is rewarding! There are a lot of countries that offer great education and employment opportunities to aspiring international students. Two names that are among top study destinations for international students include Canada and Australia. Both the nations are preferred by overseas students for high quality education, world recognized degrees, multicultural society and safe and secure surrounding. However, before choosing one among the two countries, we must have a look at a few factors that distinguish both Canada and Australia.

Student Visa Process

The visa application process in Australia is a bit complicated in comparison to Canada's study permit. Canada student visa processis simple and shorter, which makes it smooth for an international student to apply and obtain a study permit. No matter which long-term course you choose, you only need to apply for a study permit by meeting the eligibility requirements. While, in case of Australia, there are different student visa subclasses and you must choose one as per your profile and requirements. Also, to qualify you must have an Overseas Student Health Cover, whereas in Canada, you need to produce only a medical examination (if required).

Studying in United States is Expensive

Another possible reason for choosing Canada over Australia is affordability. If you pursue a study program in Australia, then the overall tuition cost and living expenses are far more expensive in comparison to Canada. Also, the Australian student visa costs around AUD620 for the primary applicant, while the Canadian study permit fees is only CAD150.

Post Graduation Work Permits

According to the Canadian International Education bureau, approximately half of the overseas students in Canada apply for permanent residence. They are allowed to work for up to 3 years after graduation as a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) holder. This PGWP helps them get better job opportunities and gain relevant Canadian work experience that opens the door for permanent residence via Express Entryand, eventually, citizenship. In case of Australia, only those recent graduates who finished their Bachelors or Masters degree can apply for a two-years long post-study work visa. While, others may qualify only for an 18-months long subclass 485 visa via the graduate work stream.

Healthcare Benefits

Both Canada and Australia have a universal Health Care system which is public funded. It covers most of the medical facilities, like hospital and physician services, prescriptions, consultation. The key purpose is to offer high quality, affordable health care facilities to all temporary and permanent residents, despite their circumstances. Residents in both the countries get an access to subsidizes services and medications, along with free treatment at public hospitals. Keeping in mind all the factors, the decision lies with you. Whether you wish to study in Canada or Australia. To get started with the process, take the first step, i.e. to get your student assessmentdone for free. An honest evaluation can help choose the best university and obtain a letter of acceptance for admission into a study program in a country of your choice.