Key Tips to boost your CRS Score to qualify for Express Entry 2021

Key Tips to boost your CRS Score to qualify for Express Entry 2021

Key Tips to boost your CRS Score to qualify for Express Entry 2021

Are you planning to move to Canada in 2021? But you are still clueless about the complexities involved in the Canadian immigration process and figuring out the ways to boost your chances of obtaining an ITA?

Well, in this blog we'll be discussing about how you can maximize your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score to boost your ranking in the Express Entry pool and obtain Invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residence.

We'll start with giving an overview about Federal Express Entry System of Canada, which was introduced by the IRCC in 2015 to manage PR applications from skilled foreign nationals under three key economic immigration programs, which include:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

This electronic application managed system flawlessly replaced the old first-come, first-served immigration system of Canada. Under this new EE system, the federal government select and invite eligible candidates from the pool based on their score, using CRS, i.e. Comprehensive Ranking System.

Under CRS, candidates are awarded with points based of their age, education level, language ability in English and/or French, skilled work experience gained in Canada or abroad, occupation, and other additional factors like provincial nomination, etc.

Also, candidates who have an accompanying spouse, common-law or conjugal partner can also claim certain points for spousal factors.

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Ways to improve your CRS Score

There are various ways through which you can improve your score and ranking in the Express Entry pool. Even a slight increase in points for factor like, language ability from intermediate to initial advanced level, completing higher education, etc. can bring a huge difference and can show positive effects on your ranking.

As an applicant, you may take following steps and get a required boost to your overall CRS scores:

Re-take Language test

Language is a crucial factor and is worth of total 260 points. As a fluent English or French speaker, you can maximize your points and can also re-take a test. An improvement in all the four abilities, i.e. speaking, writing, reading, and listening can help you reach up to initial advanced level CLB 9 or even CLB 10.

Also, if you are a bilingual applicant, you can also take language test for both English and French and can claim up to 24 points on the CRS table.

Complete higher education

Education is indeed a highly valued factor under CRS and  if you enter the pool of candidates without an ECA report, you may be asked to wait for a longer time. With an ECA report for education obtained outside of Canada, you can score higher points.

With an assessed bachelor’s degree, you can score up to 170 points. Also, if you complete any additional degree, diploma or certificate which is assessed, you can improve your ranking score under CRS.

Get provincial nomination

With a provincial nomination from any Canadian province, you can score additional 600 points, which virtually guarantees an ITA in upcoming EE draw. To get a nomination, you can apply under a suitable PNP stream by finding your eligibility for the same.

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