Planning a Move to Canada in 2020? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Planning a Move to Canada in 2020

Are you planning to begin a new life in Canada? It is undoubtedly one of the safest countries in the world and offers a huge number of job opportunities for foreign immigrants. Moreover, the overall Canada immigration process is much easier and affordable in comparison to other nations. Read the key points before applying for Canada PR visa in 2020:

Number of Provinces in Canada

There are 10 provinces in Canada where you can apply for Provincial Nomination for Canada PR. If you choose a PNP pathway, you have to first choose a province where you wish to live and work as a permanent resident of Canada. Firstly, you should finalize whether or not you wish to move to French Canada or non-French Canada. Are you fluent in French or English language? Are you willing to learn French or English in terms of speaking and writing to easily communicate? If yes, then you should work upon your language proficiency skills.

Best Place to Live in Canada

Most people wish to move to the three largest cities of Canada naming, Toronto (Ontario), or Vancouver (British Columbia) and Montreal (Québec). These cities have higher living costs but are still quite affordable in comparison to their US counterparts. Currently, Québec City and Ottawa are among the most affordable cities in Canada.

You Don’t Need to Have a Job Before Applying for Canada PR

Yes, it is not necessary for an applicant to arrange employment before applying. But, it does make the process much easier and quicker. It not only boosts your Canada Express Entry processing time but also allows you to qualify to apply for any Provincial Nominee Program.

Canada Express Entry One of the Easiest Ways to Move to Canada

If an applicant has a minimum one year, full-time work experience, then he or she has a fair chance of applying for Canada PR through the Express Entry system. The application process is completely online and gets processed within six months time period. However, in the case of other immigration pathways, the application processing time is quite long. Moreover, the Express Entry pathway is open for all skilled foreign applicants, usually of young age, who have scored well at the official language exam in either French or English.

Immigration Process for Québec Differs from other PNPs

The province of Québec has its own selection process, which is independent of the federal government of Canada. Instead of a PNP, Québec follows a separate skilled worker-selection process, where an applicant applies for a certificate of selection or Certificat de sélection du Québec to the provincial government directly. An applicant is also required to undergo a medical exam that is conducted by a physician who is Québec-approved and submit a police clearance certificate as well. Once the application is approved by Québec, you can apply for permanent resident of Canada at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Family Sponsorship

If any of your family members are already residing in Canada, then they can sponsor you for Canada immigration. Family sponsorship also includes spouse sponsorship. If your spouse is a Canadian permanent resident or citizen and age above 18 years, then they also can sponsor you to apply for a Canadian permanent resident.

If you are confused about which pathway is the best for you? Then go for free profile assessment online. A team of visa consultants will go through your profile look and contact you to discuss the best options you can opt.

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