Predictions for Top In-Demand IT Jobs in Canada 2020

Predictions for Top In-Demand IT Jobs in Canada 2020

Since 2018, the tech sector of Canada is experiencing a “boom”. Canadian top cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal have been established as leaders among others in technologies like clean tech, cloud computing, and AI.

Altogether, the Canadian IT industry is now broadly being known as one of the fastest-growing industries in Canada.

With a boom in the industry, the competitive salaries with the average IT salary have also increased up to $80,000.

In fact, Canada is also expected to overcome the growing IT industry of Silicon Valley soon and is undoubtedly one of the most viable alternatives to the US for highly talented and skilled tech workers.

But, to your surprise, as the Canadian tech industry is growing, Canada is facing a huge shortage of eligible candidates.

The top Canadian companies and employers are on a lookout for the right talent to fill the vacant job positions.

Thus, if you have the right tech skills, abilities, and the required work experience, then Canada has a lot of job opportunities lined up for you and it would become easy for you to get job in Canada from India or any other country if you get a permanent residency of Canada.

Though, the choice of immigrating to a country is purely a personal choice, but, there are a few reasons that make Canada one of the most popular and widely chosen destination for immigrants, especially for tech workers.

This could be due to its welcoming culture and a transparent immigration system.

Moreover, Canada always encourages tech talent around the globe and its well-designed immigration system offers them a fair chance to live and work in Canada.

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Canada’s Global Talent Stream is an Innovative Pathway for Tech Professionals

Canada’s Global Talent Stream is a part of its Global Skills Strategy and comes under Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Through this stream, people can apply for a Canadian work permit with a standard processing time of just 2 weeks.

Designed for highly skilled workers who have certain STEM qualifications and are in IT fields, this Global Talent Stream is an ideal pathway for skilled tech workers.

Most of the Canadian provinces are also facing major skill shortages and to combat the same, provinces naming Ontario and British Columbia have started conducting more Tech Draws to invite candidates with tech skills and work experience.

All the provinces have their own immigration program to invite talented workers to move to a particular province by obtaining Canadian permanent residence.

As per a prediction for 2020, which is released by Randstad Canada, a human resources consulting firm, following eight Tech Jobs or Occupations are going to be high in-demand in 2020:

  1. Developer/ Programmer
  2. IT Project Manager:
  3. Quality Assurance Analyst
  4. Data Analyst
  5. IT Business Analyst
  6. Senior Software Engineer
  7. Network Administrator
  8. Technical Support Specialist

So, if you are willing to move to Canada as an IT or Engineering Professional, then work upon the your coding Skills like Java, Linux, Javascript, SQL, Python, C#/ .net, C/ C++ and Agile and land yourself a high-paying Indian job in Canada by applying for the most suitable Canadian PR visa, either through an Express Entry pathway or any Provincial Nominee Program.

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