Things to Prepare while Organizing your move to Canada in 2021

Things to Prepare while Organizing your move to Canada in 2021

Things to Prepare while Organizing your move to Canada in 2021

With such a promising immigration level plan of Canada for the year 2021-2023, the country once again proved its love for immigrants! As per the plan, the Canadian government is aiming to welcome over 4,00,000 permanent residents in 2021 under different categories.

The best part of Canada's immigration level plan 2021-2023 is its inclination towards economic class immigrants. Nearly 60% of total newcomers will come via economic class, including Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Program.

If this excites you much and you wish to execute your Canada immigration plan this year, then you must confirm your eligibility for Express Entry or PNP and accordingly choose the most suitable program.

Also, we have come up with a few tips to help you organize your migration plan to Canada in 2021.

Supporting documents

There are a few documents that you must get ahead of time once you decide to apply for Canadian immigration so that you can submit them as and when required. These documents include Birth Certificate, passport copy of each family member, Marriage or divorce documents (if applicable) Adoption papers (if applicable), educational documents, school records of your children (if accompanying you to Canada) and Driver’s License, etc.

Travel health insurance

It'll cover you in case of any medical emergency during first few weeks in Canada as a few Canadian provinces like Ontario have a waiting time to get health care coverage after your arrival. Thus, you must ensure that you have a travel health coverage as any health related emergency can be quite costly.

Health Records

Keep your and your family's health records handy, like child vaccination records, dental files, prescriptions, etc. as it is required once you enroll your dependent children in any Canadian school.

Proof of funds

To collect bank statements may take a few weeks time, thus you should organize it before hand. If you are going to bring over C$10,000 per family or as a single applicant, you have to declare it upon arrival in Canada.

Documents upon arrival in Canada

You need a specific set of documents once you arrive in Canada, which include, your passport or other valid travel document, your Confirmation of Permanent Residence, your permanent resident visa, and a Proof of having sufficient funds to support yourself and your family when in Canada.

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