Top 10 Mistakes That Will Reject Your Canada Immigration Application

Top 10 Mistakes That Will Reject Your Canada Immigration Application

Canada has made its mark in the top immigration destination list and has become one of the most loved destinations for aspiring immigrants. Being the 10th largest economy in the entire world, Canada is also known for its multiculturalism, diversity and easy-to-follow Canada immigration programs and process. These are a few top reasons, which urges millions of immigrants every year to call Canada their second home.

But, no matter how lenient and easy the immigration rules and policies are, it is very important to have a piece of in-depth knowledge about the entire process in order to avoid application refusal or rejection at the initial phase itself.

There are a lot of petty mistakes that a newcomer can commit, which causes a major setback to an applicant’s visa application status. But, by gaining proper knowledge and keeping oneself updated about the latest Canada immigration news, one can easily avoid committing silly errors or mistakes while filing an application.

Common Mistakes for Canada Visa Rejection

You can find a list of common mistakes that can result in visa application rejection:

  • If you send your application to a wrong address

If IRCC has asked you to mail your visa application to a specific office for the purpose processing, then you should always use either the registered mail or a courier service. This way you can track the status of your visa application and have proof that it has reached the right destination.

In case, you commit a mistake of sending your Canada immigration application to a wrong address, then it’ll not only cost you money and time, but it may result in your application rejection.

  • If you have not signed the visa application forms

It is quite a common but unavoidable mistake that happens with a lot of individuals. All the forms must be signed where it is required. For instance, in the case of Additional Family Information Form, around 3 signatures are required on a page. People often sign at the bottom of the form and miss out other 2 signatures, which are most probably their spouse and children signatures. If you have failed to sign this or any similar immigration form properly, then your case file will be returned if a few weeks.

Always cross-check your application forms twice or even thrice to check whether all the signatures are done properly or not.

  • If you have not provided the photographs as per the required standard

All the photographs submitted along with your application have to be in a certain size as specified in the IRCC instructions. Sending photographs in an incorrect format or size is again a mistake due to which your application will be returned to you.

  • If you have paid the incorrect amount of fee

Different immigration programs have different fee requirements and methods. Your payment amount, installments and methods always depend on what you pay and where you pay. You can pay online, via certified cheque, bank draft or money order.

  • If you have not provided all the documents as listed on the checklist provided by IRCC

It is always a good idea to keep your IRCC documentation checklist handy while gathering all the documents that need to submit along with your visa application. Because all the listed documents are very important and must be submitted with utmost accuracy. In case, your application is complete, but the documents are not submitted as per the requirement of a particular visa program, then IRCC will not reject your application.

  • If you have listed an ineligible dependent

In order to avoid such mistakes, always keep yourself updated about the latest changes done by the immigration authorities of Canada, with regards to the dependent’s definition and requirements. You should refer to IRCC’s website to ensure whether any child you are listing in your application falls under the dependent category or not.

  • If you have missed any additional forms

If you are a citizen or a resident of any particular country which requires you to provide some additional information or forms and the information regarding it is not mentioned in the initial forms, then you must include the same. For instance, people who live in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates are required to submit the Residency Questionnaire and or people in Islamabad, Pakistan, Education, and Work Experience Questionnaire is required. Similarly, different nations may have their different requirements, so make sure to include all the supplemental information forms (if required) to IRCC or else your application will be sent back to you.

  • If you have provided misleading information or missed some information

As per the Canadian immigration law, any act of misinformation or providing misleading information is considered as a serious offense. IRCC takes a decision on the basis of information provided on the application of each applicant and it is expected that you provide true and accurate information.

The results of submitting false information are not only application rejection, but in many cases, IRCC ban the person for up to 2 years or more from applying for a Canada visa.

  • If you have failed to add a cover letter

Well, this may not cause application rejection, but there is a possibility of a delay in processing your application. A cover letter establishes your identity and clarifies the reasons why you qualify for Canada immigration. It eases the task of application review for the visa officer.

  • If you have waited long for your background checks to file your application

If you are waiting to get your criminal background checks and have plans to file an application once everything is done, then do reconsider your plans.

A prior criminal record check is required only in case of a Criminal Rehabilitation or Temporary Resident Permit. Otherwise, you can easily process your visa application and then start with these formalities and submit the reports accordingly.

Always remember, committing any such mistakes in your immigration application for Canada can cost you a lot of time, effort and money – and will result in application rejection. So, try to avoid these 10 mistakes and properly go through the information about Canada immigration programs and process in order to maximize the chances of visa application approval.

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