Top 7 Reasons for Rejection of Canada PR Visa

Reasons for Rejection of Canada PR Visa


Every year, a lot of applicants face application rejection for their Canadian permanent residence visa. Such situations result in low self-esteem and cause a lot of disappointment not only to the applicants but their family members as well.

There is no doubt about Canada is one of the most immigration friendly nations, but if an applicant wants to travel smoothly through the Canadian immigration process, then he/she must develop a deep understanding of how the entire system works. He/she must be aware of different forms and procedures, relevant documents and dates to submit the same.

To help you better understand the most common loopholes, we’ve put together top 7 reasons why your permanent residence application for Canada may get rejected:

Inaccurate Paperwork

Relevant documentation for the Canadian visa application is a must. An applicant is required to provide all the relevant information and documents that are asked by the case officer to determine your eligibility. Sometime misreading a few questions on the application, also results in omitting relevant information while completing a form. While, sometimes an applicant deliberately try to distort or conceal certain piece of information, which is a clear case of misinterpretation.

Once the Canada PR visa application is received and in case it contains omissions or errors, the immigration officer in Canada might reject your application on missing or inaccurate documentation ground.

Medical Inadmissibility

As per the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, all the applicants who are applying for permanent residence in Canada along with their dependents must undergo a medical examination with a Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) recognized the doctor. In case of certain health problems, an application can be refused, like if an applicant requires medication for Hepatitis A or Diabetes, then he/she might be deemed to be an ‘excessive burden’ on a universal healthcare system of Canada. The CIC has the right to refuse even an eligible application for PR on medical grounds.

Financial Reasons

An applicant is required to show proof of funds before entering Canada. In case applicants fail to prove their ability to financially support themselves and their family members, then they may be considered as a potential burden to the government of Canada and will face application rejection.

Criminal Inadmissibility

Even old or minor criminal offenses will be considered quite seriously by the border officials of Canada. This is the case even if the criminal offense has occurred in any other country other than Canada. Thus, if an applicant has a past criminal record, then it becomes one of the most unavoidable reasons for application rejection or refusal.

Missing important dates

In order to speed the process, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada set certain dates for submitting forms and documents. If an applicant fails to meet the deadlines, then application rejection or refusal is certain. Thus, it is always a smart move to know all the dates in advance and gather relevant documents to be submitted before the last date. However, CIC sometimes grants date extensions for special cases and asks for supporting documents and valid reasons from the applicant for availing the date extension.

Reassessment due to mistakes committed by CIC

Like most of the organizations, CIC can also make mistakes. Sometimes, the officials may miss filing an applicant’s documentation and fee checks may spell their name wrongly, may list their date of birth incorrectly, or may fail to send them any important notice.

Thus, it is very important to review the notice of intent sent by CIC to deny your visa application, if it is sent to you along with a final denial notice, in order to check if the immigration authorities made any factual mistake with the application, or not.

Failure to meet eligibility requirements

With a lot of different immigration programs offered by Canada, an aspiring immigrant finds it easy to choose the program that suits his/her profile. But, with different programs, comes a different set of eligibility requirements. An applicant could be eligible for any or sometimes none of the programs on the basis of a number of key factors, like, age, education, occupation, work experience, net worth, etc.

Thus, it is always a good idea to go through all the eligibility requirements of the particular program which you choose to apply for Canada PR. Carefully reviewing different application criteria against your credentials is a must. Otherwise, IRCC may end up refusing your application on the ground of ineligibility.

These are the most common and sometimes avoidable mistakes, which may occur while filing an application to apply for Canada PR visa from India.

You must go through the rules and policies and must keep a track of all the above-stated points in order to get approval to apply successfully for Canada Permanent Resident visa.

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