Top Tips to Prepare Canadian PR Application in 2021

Top Tips to Prepare Canadian PR Application in 2021

If you are planning to apply for permanent residence in Canada in 2021, do note down a few tips mentioned here while preparing your PR application to submit to the IRCC, i.e. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

The tips mentioned below may be applicable to different Canadian PR visa programs, like Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Programs and Family Class.

  1. Choose a suitable program/s

There are a lot of Canadian immigration programs divided into 3 broad categories including economic, family class, refugee & humanitarian. A few programs are points-based, a few operate on a first-come, first-served basis, a few need a sponsorship, while a few have different requirements altogether.

Thus, it is very important for you to research as to which program is perfect for you, whether you qualify for more than one program and if yes, then which one you should choose and why? You must ensure that the pathway you choose is best for you before starting with the application process.

  1. Seek expert advice

The first point mentioned above can be really daunting, but it is mandatory for you to perform an eligibility check. Therefore, a little helpwon’t hurt! With a trusted and experienced team of regulated Canadian visa and immigration consultants by your side, you can get answersfor all your queries, understand the process in detail, and get assistance with application filing, documentation, letter drafting and much more.

  1. Gather supporting documents well in advance

During the entire process, IRCC ask you to submit supporting documents at different stages. A few may take time to obtain and if you wait for a formal intimation from the IRCC to submit certain documents, it may cause unwanted delay in application processing.

For instance, police background checks may get completed with a few weeks or even days in some countries or it may take months depending upon the country you are from. Thus, based on your situation, you must get gather documents like PCC, work reference letters, etc. beforehand.

  1. Always double-check

We have seen situations where PR application processing getsdelayed or application even get rejected sometime not because of an applicant's ineligibility, but due to silly mistakes. For instance, if you fail to read the instructions properly and fill the form incorrectly or miss any document, your application will be at risk. Thus, you must read the checklist and other material provided and always double check the information and document you are providing to ensure accuracy and completeness.

  1. Stick to the deadlines

Always check the expiry dates of certain document like, Passport, Work or Study permit, Police background checks, Bank statements, Language test results, Invitation to apply and Medical assessment. 

  1. Avoid time gaps

The IRCC may ask you to tell them where, when and why you’vetravelled, whether it was just a vacation or something else. You may need to submit your detailed study and employment history. Any kind of gap in time will be questioned, and such gaps may cause a delay in your Canada PR application processing.

Thus, you must build a timeline of last 10 years, and ensure that there was no gap in employment and education.

  1. Inform about any change

If a new member joins your family after submitting a PR application like a newborn baby or you get married and that person is going to accompany you in Canada, then you must inform the IRCC about it.

In addition, if you change your address, contact information, complete a higher education, get divorced or separated, etc., under such circumstances, you must keep IRCC informed while your application is under processing.

  1. Always tell the truth

Even a small wrong information can hamper your chances of Canada PR application approval. Providing misleading and wrong information or submitting a false/fake document will be consideredas “misrepresentation” and you may have to face serious consequences.

  1. Always keep the documents copies with you

Whether you are submitting documents physically or electronically, it is advisable to keep the copies of documents and forms with you.

  1. Communication is the key

See, you are not the first one who is applying for Canadian immigration, andnot even the last. Thus, you can communicate with other applicants as well on different forums and get the answers.

We hope these tips can prove useful for you once you start with the application process for Canada PR. If interested, you may connect with a team of visa and immigration consultants at Canada PR Avenue on a Toll free no. 78-18-000-777 or drop an email at