What are the Canada PR Requirements for Indians?

What are the Canada PR Requirements for Indians?


Canada follows a point-based system, which is also known as a PR Visa Point System for the Express Entry program. With four key categories falling under Express Entry System, it is imperative for an applicant to understand the basic eligibility requirements one must meet to become eligible to apply for a Canada PR visa from India.


If you are applying for FSWP (Federal Skilled Workers Program), which is a part of Canada’s famous Express Entry pathway for Canada PR, then you should age between 20 and 29 years ago in order to obtain high CRS points. As a matter of fact, those applicants who age above 45 years, they don’t get any CRS points.


Your education must be more or equivalent to Secondary School qualification as of Canada. While, with higher education qualifications, you will definitely get an edge over others.

Language Proficiency:

You have to prove your ability in any of the two Canadian official languages, including, English and French. Proficiency in both is surely an advantage. The IRCC uses a CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) to evaluate an applicant’s language proficiency. You must undergo an IELTS or any other language test to prove your language proficiency in all four aspects, including, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening.

Work Experience:

You must have a minimum of 1-year work experience of working as a full-time employee for 30 hours per week for a year.


This adaptability factor counts for a minimum of 10 points, which an applicant can obtain if he or she has a minimum of 1 year of working in Canada or you have done your 2-year study in Canada.

Point Requirements for human capital factors:

Factors Points per factor – With a spouse or common-law partner Points per factor – Without a spouse or common-law partner
Age 100 110
Level of education 140 150
Official languages proficiency 150 160
Canadian work experience 70 80



You need to submit the following mandatory documents along with your profile:

  • A passport or any other travel document
  • Language test report
  • Education certificates
  • Provincial Nomination (If any)
  • Employment Certificates (Previous experience) or Offer (from a Canadian employer)
  • Once you get an ITA you must produce:
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Medical Examination Report
  • Proof of Funds

In order to qualify, you must obtain a minimum of 67 CRS points on the factors stated above. These points can be calculated using the Canada Express Entry Points Calculator. You can seek professional guidance to sail smoothly through the Canada immigration process.

Right from free profile assessment and evaluation to visa filing and follow-up, an expert visa consultant can help you obtain a Canada PR visa through the Express Entry system within 6-8 months’ time.

Now that you know the basic requirements to apply for a Canada PR visa from India, you must kick start your Canadian visa process by joining hands with an industry expert to ensure accuracy and authenticity for quicker visa approval.

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