Why do people want to move to Canada?

Why do people want to move to Canada?

Why do people want to move to Canada?

Behind a decision to immigrate, there are varied motivations and reasons! One of the most common connecting points is a person's desire to lead a better quality life. To back my statement, Canada's ranking as per the US News & World Report is exemplary. As per the survey, Canada ranked No. 1 country to offer the best Quality of Life in 2020.

No matter your reason for moving, the Canadian immigration system will meet your requirement, and you can easily find a suitable immigration program to apply for Canada PR in 2021.

To know more, go through the blog, which aptly outlines the most common reasons why foreign national immigrate move to Canada.

More than 80 immigration programs

Canada offers plethora visa programs for the skilled, self-employed and businessmen categories. Those who don't qualify under any of such programs, they can choose non-immigrant categories, like, work and student permit. The most popular once include the Express Entry System and Provincial Nominee Program. Both offer a permanent resident pathway to Canada to skilled and talented foreign national.

A friendly nation

Out of over 35 million population, 20% of people are foreign-born! It's a core of Canada and makes it one of the most multicultural countries around the globe. Such a diverse population help Canada grow economically and culturally.

Immense social security benefits

Canada is known for offering the best social security benefits to immigrants and their family members alike, including subsidized education in world's leading colleges and universities, world-class health care facilities and more.

Safest country globally 

Canada is known for being the safest country in the world. The violent crime level is relatively low in Canada with a politically stable scenario. Canada was on the second position among world's top 10 safest countries in 2020.

Understands personal freedom

Canada values the personal freedom of all citizens and residents. Country's Western democracy protects the human rights and freedom of all its women and men who belong to different backgrounds to live without any fear of oppression by the government.

All the reasons outlined above are enough to lay the foundation for Canada's trendy country young aspiring immigrants.

What added fuel to the popularity is Canada's Express Entry system, which offers the quickest and smoothest permanent residency pathway to skilled foreign nationals. It was introduced in January 2015 to manage PR applications electronically under three essential federal economic immigration programs, including Federal Skilled Workers, Federal Skilled Trades and Canadian Experience Class.

If you are willing to move to Canada in 2021 as a skilled worker, you may connect with Canada PR Avenue for expert advice and support.

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